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Wedding Trends of 2019

Every year, what’s in and what’s out in wedding trends change – and 2019 is no exception!


If you are planning to have your special day celebrated in Kelowna, BC this year and you want to know the latest trends, then you have come to the right place.


The wedding trends for this year are a mix of classic, traditional themes that never go out of style and newer, fresher wedding ideas that can surely make any wedding much more memorable not just for the couple about to get married, but for the guests as well.


  1. Minimalist wedding dress, with a twist.


Remember how stunning Meghan Markle was in her minimalist wedding dress? Yes, you can achieve a princess-worthy look too by wearing a simple and plain wedding dress just like Meghan. But don’t worry about looking too simple for your special day – you can pair your minimalist dress with a tiara and complete that simply beautiful look on your wedding day.


  1. Wearable floral accessories.


One of the most important components of any wedding is flowers. You adorn the venue with flowers, your bridesmaids have their bouquets, and of course, you have your bridal bouquet. In 2019, instead of simply letting your bridesmaids hold their bouquets, you can have them wear it. Their bouquets can be worn as part of their overall bridesmaid get up. And you, as the bride, can also wear your bouquet on as an accessory.


  1. Having a wedding theme.


Gone are the days when weddings strictly have to be the traditional type where everything follows the classical style – from the bride to be wearing a dress with the longest train to tables being filled with beautiful candlesticks. This year, modern wedding themes are in! If you and your significant other is a fan of a particular hobby, movie, or book, you can make it the central theme of your wedding. For example, if you’re both fans of the Harry Potter book series, you can make it your wedding theme – making your wedding even more special!

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Latest Wedding Photography Trends For 2018

If you are getting married this year or someone from your family is, you may be doing a whole lot of research on the latest trends in clothing, footwear, shoes, fragrances and more. Besides, wedding photography must be in your top to-do list. Take a look here for best options for wedding photography to make your wedding match up with the latest trends.

Pre-wedding shoots

This is one of the trends I personally find it interesting as it has several benefits. Before you move forward, know what pre-wedding shoots are all about. The photo sessions include the couple marrying each other and the rest of the members also wears the outfits bought for the wedding. Most of the brides wear their wedding attire while some buy another dress mainly for this photo session. Some of the key benefits of pre-wedding shots are as follows:

Advantages of pre-wedding photo shoots

Have a pre-wedding session as it makes your wedding a little simpler as you don’t need to stay far away from your guests for long as the photo session is already done beforehand. Most often, one requires a minimum of three hours of time to complete the photo sessions and if you go for pre-wedding shoots it reduces your time to an hour. So make the best use of the additional time to spend it with your family members and guests.

Wedding ceremony – an unplugged one

This trend is being followed for a year or two and majority of couples I have worked with prefer unplugged wedding session. If you are unsure what this is all about, it is basically a ceremony that allows your guest to forego photo and video sessions during the ceremony. This trend helps couples to save disastrous photography that takes place at the wedding.

Edits of the same day

The biggest trend in wedding photography is the same day edits. If you are unsure what it is, these are photos edited by photographers as per the couple’s requirements so as to present these photos during the wedding reception ceremony to the family and guests. The photographs understand the excitement of couples, but this may not be a feasible option as many moments may be missed out as the photographer is busy editing the current photos in a back room.

These are some of the latest trends in photography, so choose yours by doing a thorough research on these trends and figure out the experiences and feedbacks of married couples. This way, you will know which trend suits your requirement better and saves your time in deciding faster. There are many professional photographers that offer exceptional service to their clients. So go for it after doing a bit of research. It is your wedding after all and you don’t want to compromise.

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Follow A Simple Approach For Wedding Photography

It is absolutely true that beautification and decoration enhance the aura of the wedding environment. The perfect created place for wedding brings powerful effects on wedding photographs. Suppose, there is no frill, so you think then also you will enjoy the wedding party in the same manner. Might be not, but still, there are expert photographers know how to capture simplistic and hidden happiness in a simple wedding ceremony.

A wedding photographer is an expert who knows how to collect the simple images and make them extraordinary with their skills. They use the style and images which you can easily understand they take. There are intense photographers who would not follow fanciful aspects, but will rather focus on the familial relationship and social ties. They know how to capture couples, parents of the groom and bride, relatives and friends.

The focus on capturing family, couple and relations show the deep human aspect in a photographer. They follow their own personal style while choosing for preference. For more discussion, you can call the photographers before the wedding day and explain your priorities. You can personally contact these professionals and inform them that you want every person to be clicked rather than wasting photos by clicking useless things. It is also important to take away the photographers along with you and show the wedding venue. Thus a preparation before the D Day will give fruitful results.

Amidst all the preparations, ensure that wedding photography is not overly costly or exceed your budget. If you do not want to dwell into the awkward bargaining situation, then make sure for checking the package rates. This will give you a fair idea of the price-list following these days. Wedding photographers require initial quotes online and once you inquire the basic needs like videography services or still images, a number of prints you needed and if some special service is moving into your mind, then shortlist the names. You can make a discussion with the photographers and catch the glimpse of previous work. This will let you know the way the photographer click the images and how they are presented. Once you judge the work, it will be convenient for you to hire accordingly. If you want the top rated Syracuse wedding photographer contact Anatoli Photograffi

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Photography – A Priority For Soon-To-Wed Couple

If you are geared up for your big day, there are many things you should not compromise on and photography is one such thing. Photography is a must at any wedding as all the special moments get captured to create beautiful memories. The center of attraction in a wedding is the couple and it is all about them. They are indeed the top priority. When planning your big day, you need to coordinate with many people such as caterers, florists, wedding planner and the list simply doesn’t seem to end. You need to ensure that you order the right flowers, good food, and the good designer. In addition to these, wedding photography is something that cannot be taken lightly.

Importance of wedding photography

Wedding photography is indeed important as it captures all the moments of your special day. It well captures memories and has a beautiful story to tell that you can cherish for the rest of your life. It is a story that includes the couple and their friends, family and special guests. You can treasure the photographs captured and also show it to your kids and grandchildren. Other important things like cake, flower decorations, outfits, and food will all be a forgotten story, but what remains with you is moments captured through photography.

Points to consider

  •          Maximizing your budget for photography is necessary. If you want to minimize the cost of other things, it can be done with proper planning and research. But choosing the best photographer for your wedding is important as that’s the only thing that remains intact and can be glanced through whenever your heart wishes for it.
  •          There are endless photographers offering the best of photography service. Choosing the best photographer out of numerous options can be a challenging task. There are professionals who travel across the country to offer the best of service. If you have a specific style in mind, make a note of it and choose a photographer accordingly. Make sure you have gone through their work carefully by checking the albums of other couples.
  •          You don’t want to compromise on the quality, especially when you are more than willing to increase your budget on photography. So, go for the best one. Thus, wedding photography is the top priority for couples who wish to tie knots with each other to make a beautiful story of their life.

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Simplistic Approach Towards Wedding Photography

When there are no frills planned for a wedding, would you hire a wedding photographer service? Maybe you would not, but there are many photographers who would not charge exorbitant fees but would understand the spirit of the occasion and help in capturing the simplistic beauty and underlying happiness that lines even the simplest of wedding occasions.


Check out the different approaches that wedding photographers take in capturing images of weddings of couples. From their styles and finishes on the images, you can understand the approach they take and the kind of clientele they take up. Not every photographer cares for the fanciful aspects of a wedding, but would rather focus on capturing the relationships and the familial ties, whether it is the wedding couple or the bond between the parents and the bride or the groom, their friends and so forth.


When you wish to capture the humane aspects of a wedding there would be several photographers who would be interested in such a project. Check out the personal styles and works of photographers to choose as per your preference. Then call in on the photographer and have a chat with them to understand how they work and whether you would be comfortable working with the person. You might even consider seeking the assistance of a close friend or acquaintance that knows you and understands the sentiments that underlie such a union. You would also be choosing someone with whom you are comfortable with and would want to witness the occasion of your wedding.


Wedding photography need not break your bank. If you wish to avoid the awkward aspect of bargaining for a wedding photography package deal, then you can start by seeking package rates by contacting them online. Wedding photographers provide initial quotes online after inquiring about your basic requirements such as still images and videography services, how many prints you would require and if you have any other service in mind. Hence, you can shortlist a photographer, depending on such preliminary discussions and as per their previous works. You could also seek recommendations from other clients before you decide to shortlist someone. The final check is the conversation you can have with the photographer and getting to know him or her, judging your comfort level and whether you would want the person to be present at your special event and record its different instances as captured through images and videos.

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